PhotoBlox Unleashed

PhotoBlox Unleashed

Last week, we unveiled the sequel to SoundBlox — the PhotoBlox, a viral, highly customizable Internet image slideshow application. Here’s an example that launches in a pop-up window:

Like every ‘blox’ in the series, PhotoBlox can be embedded in a personal blog or web page, customized extensively via an external XML data configuration file, and viewed via any modern Web browser while delivering the type of user experience normally associated with desktop client software.

Time will tell how PhotoBlox is received. To date, the SoundBlox has been put to use by EFF co-founder John Perry Barlow, by the Internet Archive and numerous others. It also garnered a favorable reaction from Dan Gilmor of the San Jose Mercury News. PhotoBlox is a much more feature-rich application, and should appeal to an even broader audience — let’s see if my hunch is correct.

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