Bloggers and the propagation of knowledge

Bloggers and the propagation of knowledge

Last week, while entertaining good friend Masha Solorzano visiting from Toronto, I suggested attending a Chaat Cafe Geek Dinner organized by Robert Scoble and Marc Canter, to provide her with a taste of the unique culture which has produced the recent revolution in online communications. Masha’s presence has been documented for eternity thanks to the presence-of-mind of Robert Scoble and his TabletPC. Now she wishes she had a blog like many others at the dinner table:

Robert Scoble | Steve Gillmor | Steve Sloan | Dori Smith | Farida Paramita | Michael Eakes | Dan Gould | Christopher Carfi | Masha Solorzano | Scott Rafer | Dan Farber | Lisa Canter | Marc Canter | Mimi Canter | Lucy Canter | Lyndon Wong | Ron Lichty | Tom Conrad | Marc Novakowski | Pierre Wolff | Nadeem Bitar | Kaliya Hamlin | Brian Hamlin | Ian Jones | Nicole Lee | Kevin Marks | Thomas Hawk | Neal Drumm | Tony Chang | Zack Rosen | Kieran Lal | Jasmeet Singh | Jason DeFillippo | Ian Kallen | Kevin Burton | Brad Neuberg | Renee Blodgett | Jeff Minard | Om Malik | June Parina | David Sifry | Jonas M Luster | Micah Alpern | eleanor kruszewski | Jim Grisanzio | Tantek Celik | Rebecca Eisenberg | Curtis Smolar | Russell Beattie

Over the past couple of years, I’ve gradually internalized the benefits of blogs combined with search engines, and I have been astounded at how effective these new Web-based tools are at propagating ideas. The Internet communications revolution continues to play out all around us, and we are all so very fortunate to have “a seat at the table”.

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