Living the Analog and Digital Life

Living the Analog and Digital Life

Basis of the New Generation Gap?

MTT performs Copland
The Music

Laura at Davies Sept 16, 2005
The Crowd

MTT and the SF Symphony
The Band


Business Week’s recent article on the MySpace Generation underscores the newest generation gap. In contrast to most of my peers, younger Americans in or recently out of school appear to have embraced the ‘digital life’ enabled by Web communications and publishing tools. They blog their thoughts openly instead of, or in addition to, keeping private diaries. They embrace new technologies freely in part thanks to their fluency with markup languages such as HTML. Activities confined in older circles to software developers and the digerati, seem second nature to a much broader cross-section of our youngest adults.

Well, just to prove I’m no dinosaur (yet), I offer my own MySpace style blog entry complete with Amazon Music link. While Michael Tilson Thomas and the San Francisco Symphony may not top the pop charts, their performances of the music of Aaron Copland are the cat’s rear end. Short of checking them out live, I suggest you buy the CD!


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