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During a three week visit to southern China, I travelled with my family to the Guandong and Guanxi provinces, and then I continued solo through the Yunnan province. Though this was my fourth trip into some portion of China, it was both the most personal and adventurous foray to my ancestral country. We had reunions with seldom seen relatives, and during my solo leg, I ventured out to areas of Yunnan where I was forced to rely on my very basic command of Mandarin to get around.

Images from South China

October 2001

Welcome at Ancestral Village
Villagers welcome me at an ancestral village. Guandong Province, China.

SJ Reading Engraved Stone
My 20 month old niece leans up against some engravings on a memorial stone. Guanxi Province, China

Image of Li River near Yang Shuo
A bucolic village along a feeder to the Li River in the Guilin region. Guanxi Province, China.

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