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In the Fall of 2002, taking time off after the collapse of the Internet Bubble, I accepted the invitation of Masha and Ninoska Solorzano to visit Guatemala and stay with their family for a few weeks. In one short trip, and in one country, I literally touched the history of the Americas with the Mayan ruins of Tikal, the cobbled Spanish colonial streets of Antigua, and the vibrant nightlife of Zones 4 and 10 in Guatemala City. Along the way, I picked up Spanish, saw incredible highland scenery and learned to salsa.

Images from Guatemala

Lyndon W. Wong, 2002

Local bus in Antigua, Guatemala
Bus on street in Antigua, Guatemala.

Antigua, Guatemala
Vendors and tourists, Antigua, Guatemala

Antigua Casa Grande
Casa Grande, Antigua, Guatemala.

Finca Solorzano
Dusk at Finca Solorzano, Guatemala

Finca Fabian
Dawn at Finca Fabian, Guatemala

Dusk at Tikal, Guatemala

Hotel Atitlan
Lyndon with friends Masha and Ninoska Solorzano at Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

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